How to Grow Closer to God through Journaling

During her teenage years, Emily yearned to deepen her connection with God. She goes to church with her family regularly, but she feels something is missing in her personal connection with God. 

One day, a wise mentor advised Emily to engage in the practice of writing letters to God daily for a month. It's like praying but in written form. God hears our prayers, even written ones. Think about David. The entire book of Psalms is essentially his prayer journal. 

Emily became excited that she could simply write God a letter. She likes writing and now she can tell everything to God.

Journaling can help you grow closer to God. You can write your prayers. You can write Bible verses and memorize them. You can reflect daily on Scripture and write your thoughts. It will nurture a deeper relationship; let you know more about God’s character; and teach you how to truly bring your burdens to Him. 

How can I start Journaling with Jesus? 

If you really like to start your adventure of creating a faith journal, here are a few tips to help you along the way… 

Start by Choosing a Time 

Many people enjoy spending time with Jesus first thing in the morning. This can be a wonderful habit but it isn’t ideal for everyone. Maybe you work odd hours, have a newborn baby, or a medical condition that makes morning rituals difficult. 

Don’t worry about it. God delights in communing with you – no matter if it's 5 am or 9 pm or any time in between! Just set a time when you can meet up with God and spend time reading His Word and praying

Pick a Location

Finding the right time and place for journaling can make it easier to stick to this beneficial habit. Consider choosing a space that brings you comfort and joy. Whether it's at the library, a quaint coffee shop, or simply curled up in your favorite chair at home, choose a place where you feel relaxed and inspired.

Think about how David prayed to God in various places – from caves to mountains, during battles, in the Temple, and even in his palace. What mattered most to God wasn't the location, but that David approached Him with sincerity and devotion. So wherever you choose to journal, know that you can connect with your thoughts and feelings just as deeply.

Use a Guided Journal

It can feel a bit awkward at first when you're just starting out with journaling. That's why it is recommended to use a guided journal to ease into the process. These journals usually come with prompts or questions, often faith-based, to help you reflect and guide your writing. 

But remember, you're not obligated to use one. It's perfectly okay to start with a blank journal and pour your heart out in letters to God. However, if you find yourself struggling to get into the rhythm of journaling, a guided journal could be a helpful tool to provide structure and inspiration. 

Show Up Consistently

Consistency is key in nurturing any relationship. Just like we can't expect to have a deep connection with a friend or family member if we only see them once in a while, the same goes for our relationship with God. 

In our everyday interactions with loved ones, we make phone or video calls, send texts, and exchange funny videos or GIFs to stay connected. Similarly, in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, consistency means taking time to pray, read our Bibles, and write in our journal. 

I understand that journaling every day might not be feasible, especially in the beginning. But by making an effort to incorporate these practices into our daily routines, we can gradually deepen our connection with God over time.

Don’t Focus on Your Feelings

It's amazing to experience those moments when you feel God's presence while journaling—it's like having a heart-to-heart conversation with the Holy Spirit, sharing secrets that only you and God know. It creates a special bond that's truly precious. 

But let's be real, not every journal entry will be like that. Sometimes, journaling might feel ordinary. And that's okay. Don't let the lack of sparkle discourage you. 

Instead, focus on meeting and spending time with God. The more you show up, the more you'll become attuned to His voice and feel His presence. 

And don't stress about perfect grammar or punctuation—God isn't grading your writing skills. He's listening to your heart. He's delighted that you've chosen to spend time with Him. So keep journaling, knowing that each word you write, if it is from your heart, is your gift to Him. 

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